Bel-Air Neighborhood
Logo Contest Winners

1st Place - M. Jacob Schmalzriedt
2nd Place - David Z. Kimbell
3rd Place - Lindsay Brenner

Thanks to everyone who planned this event and to Bernalillo County Planning and Development for making it possible! All logo entries were awesome-way to go Bel-Air Neighborhood!


No more events in 2018 - check back Spring 2019

About the Neighborhood

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One of the city's oldest neighborhoods dating back to the 1950's, Bel-Air is the size of a small town, enclosed between Carlisle and San Mateo, Candelaria and Menaul.

The neighborhood contains frame and stucco homes, others of cinder block construction, and many others are custom built or refurbished original designs.

Bel-Air is laid out in a grid pattern with back alley-ways which give access to large backyards. It is a highly liveable area.


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About the Neighborhood Association


The Bel-Air Neighborhood Association (BANA) was formed in 1994 to create and maintain a safe and clean environment and to strengthen property values.

The purpose of the Association is to enhance that area of the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, State of New Mexico bounded on the West by Carlisle Boulevard, bounded on the North by Candelaria Road, bounded on the East by San Mateo Boulevard, bounded on the South by Menaul Boulevard; hereinafter referred to as the Bel-Air area, to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action, so that the quality of life in the area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural, historic needs and interests of the residents.

To this end, the activities of the Association shall include, but are not limited to, sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fund raising and public education progress as they are deemed necessary.

2016-2017 BANA Board of Directors

Jay Edwards, President
Barb Johnson, Vice-President
Jeanene Witt, Secretary
Hart Lewis
Rose Nava
Kelly Price

By Laws

View/download the Bel-Air Neighborhood Association By-Laws

Meeting Minutes

4/24/2017: General Meeting Minutes
4/18/2016: General Meeting Minutes
9/18/2014: Board Meeting Minutes
5/21/2014: Board Meeting Minutes
4/28/2014: General Meeting Minutes
3/10/2014: Board Meeting Minutes
4/30/2013: Board Meeting Minutes
4/22/2013: General Meeting Minutes
4/01/2013: Board Meeting Minutes
10/22/2012: General Meeting Minutes


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